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Escape the City: Part 1(Pg13-Has cussing)

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Escape the City: Part 1(Pg13-Has cussing)

Post by LitoYoshi on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:26 pm

Considering ya'll want to be jerks and take out the story place, I'm posting this here, and there is no rule that say "You can't put story on Chat Topic" Thank you sirs

Chapter 1-Please Note I'm not the one narrating, this story is 100 percent fake.
The Incident.
It all happened 15 years ago, when I was 17. It was my friend's birthday and as usual I was late. I was in my car, speeding trying to make sure I don't hit any cars or get chased by cops. I finally got to the countryside so I went even faster. When I finally got to my friend's birthday(glad I wasn't too late) he greeted me with a smile, my friend had brown hair, blue eyes, he was 5'8 and he was pretty skinny, tan and he wore casual clothing for once, he usually wore battle clothing(I'll explain later) for 2 hours everything was perfect, I saw great friends, met new people, then...the bastards: John and Flynn find me, Flynn looks like he needs to go on a "No Food" Diet, the guy is huge as heck and he John is skinny as a stick, their both twins and they look the same, besides their porportion, their also pale and have Asian eyes.

As usual they chase after me, I feel like I did something wrong to them, everyone evacuates, then me and my friend:Brendon got our guns out. Brendon has 1 gun, its one handed, and its a greasegun(one handed machine gun) while I have 2 handguns. We hid long enough for us to get loaded. "Hey Buddy" Said Brendon, "If we don't make it out alive, thanks for the best birthday ever", I simply nodded, we hugged each other like brothers and then stood up and started shooting. John is so skinny he dodged with ease, and Flynn was so fat that it took 50 bullets to take him down, most of them miss, he is really fast. As I run towards a wall, a bullet hits the wall I was going for, I quickly move towards another wall, they can see me easily so from behind me comes Brendon and shoots Flynn enough times to knock him out, I then drop kick John and finish him off. We got done with both of them, the party, sadly, had to end...everyone escaped and me and Brendon did our thing once again. "Brendon...what happens now?" I asked. "I don't know Lan...I just don't know...hopefully we might live better now that these 2 are done...", Boy was he wrong....

To be Continued
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Re: Escape the City: Part 1(Pg13-Has cussing)

Post by Zero-Boom on Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:08 pm

Good idea. A story section might be helpful. I'll discuss it with the other Admins.

EDIT: Now that we have a story section, I will move this there.

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Admin: -Sonic~Boom-

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Re: Escape the City: Part 1(Pg13-Has cussing)

Post by Darkenedaphex on Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:09 pm

D: Shocker



Credit to -Sonic~Boom-
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Re: Escape the City: Part 1(Pg13-Has cussing)

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