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  1. 1912038PWNAGE
    Humor : This forum does not accept users older then 99 years old. It's true.
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  2. AlphaOmega Zeronmaximusy
  3. Corka Cola
  4. Darkenedaphex
    Humor : I express my Humor in away youd never expect
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    Rank: Supreme Admin: ShadowoftheOlden
  5. Darth Revan
  6. Glossy Giraffe
  7. LolCats FTW
    Humor : Because Youtube is where the Poop is *WHEZ x6*
    Usergroups: Game Ranking Team, Veterans+
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  8. PwnMasterGeneral
    Humor : what ever is funny, I guess
    Usergroups: Honorary Members
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  9. Tommy777
    Humor : EVERYTHING
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  10. Zero-Boom
Drunken Hobo
Drunken Hobo

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Admin: Soul Devourer
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